Monday, May 12, 2008

it wasn't even like we made a ripple

okay guys, i really don't think i even have the words to describe the euphoria that i experienced during tonight's wilco show. i've seen them around 10 times and (as i always say) they keep getting better and better. last fall they played in dallas the night before ACL fest started. normally, if they're playing in the state of texas, i make it a point to be there but the timing just wasn't right. i had quite a few friends come to town for the festival and i just couldn't justify spending the time or money to go up to dallas for the show. after the show i found out that they played "it's just that simple" for the first time in 10 something years. i was beside myself. i've loved that song for a long, long time. something about john's vocals reminds me of neil young and therefore comforts me because, to me, neil young=comfort. i spent a lot of time being bitter about missing that song. i know that sounds stupid or silly but it's the truth. when i saw wilco back in march in houston i hoped and hoped that they would play it and they didn't. it was definitely in the back of my mind tonight but i didn't want to obsess over it. but when i heard the opening notes of that song, i thought i was going to cry. i've had a really long, rough week and that song made all of it disappear. i was able to smile and really feel happy without thinking of all the other shit that's been going on in my brain for the past few days. i can say with a great amount of certainty that it was one of the best concert experiences i have ever had. the rest of the show was completely mind-blowing as well. during the first encore i was talking to one of the bartenders and he mentioned "casino queen" and i kept thinking, "if he believes they'll play it then they will..." that's a philosophy i've had since i saw wilco at stubb's in 2005 when i really needed to hear "i shall be released". at rilo kiley back in october lori really wanted to hear 2 specific songs and i just kept thinking and saying, "just believe that they'll play them!" and they played both of them! if there's ONE song that i need to hear at a show, i almost always get to hear it. but it can only be one song. i can't get greedy with my needs. anyway, it is later than late and i need to get some sleep so i can go hang out with my glow worm nephew in the morning. and be prepared for another "OMG I LOVE WILCO" blog tomorrow because they're playing a second show here in austin. gawd i loves me some wilco.

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