Tuesday, May 13, 2008

carelessness is what i miss and that's how i think of you

okay, let's get down to business. first thing's first:

i finally met jeff tweedy. i've met a lot of musicians that i love and respect but no one compares to jeff tweedy for me. no one. he was in a bit of a hurry to get the hell out of stubb's but he still made time to talk to a few people and pose for a couple of pictures. here's is a transcript of our brief conversation:

stefanie: great show! thanks so much for coming back to austin.
jeff: thank you for having us. we love it here.
stefanie: we love you here! and thank you for playing cars can't escape. holy crap!
jeff: you're welcome. have a good night.

yes, i actually said, "holy crap!" to jeff tweedy. what?? i dunno. i was kind of a geeky mess so i'm really surprised that it wasn't worse than that.

now onto the show! another incredible, incredible night. last night's "omg are you fucking kidding me?" moment (sunday's was "it's just that simple") was "cars can't escape". i lost my shit! i did not expect to hear that one. it was so interesting to hear it with nels on guitar. i loved it. other notable songs were theologians and kingpin. before the second encore i told rachel and david, "heads will roll if they don't play kingpin." and i meant it. that one is one of my favorites to see live because there's so much interaction; substituting "austin" for "pekin", the handclaps during the "dimatapp, and spinal tap, city maps, and hand claps" part and the crowd "woooos" after jeff says, "how can i?" it's just so much fun!!

the setlists on this tour are all based on fan requests via this form. every song that was played was requested by at least one person. i am shocked that "i am trying to break your heart" wasn't played at either show. i don't mind, though. i've seen it live so many times and it's nice to get it out of the way to make room for other songs that aren't played as often. jeff was explaining that process to the crowd and he said, "you can go to our website and vote for songs. so if you didn't vote you can't complain!"

i just realized that i didn't post the setlist from sunday's show. oops. well, here's last night's list:

Via Chicago
Ashes of American Flags
Airline to Heaven
You Are My Face
Box Full of Letters
A Shot in the Arm
Side With the Seeds
War on War
Handshake Drugs
Jesus, Etc.
Impossible Germany
Shouldn't Be Ashamed
Passenger Side
I'm The Man Who Loves You

Encore 1
Cars Can't Escape
Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Encore 2
California Stars
Hate It Here
Heavy Metal Drummer
Red-Eyed and Blue
I Got You (At The End of The Century)

and here's sunday's:

Sunken Treasure (acoustic)
You Are My Face
Remember the Mountain Bed
Company in my Back
Handshake Drugs
Pick Up the Change
On and On and On
Pot Kettle Black
A Shot in the Arm
Jesus, etc.
Impossible Germany
It's Just that Simple
That's Not the Issue
I'm the Man Who Loves You

Encore 1
Poor Places

Encore 2
Hate it Here
Heavy Metal Drummer
Casino Queen
Hoodoo Voodoo
Outtasite (Outta Mind)

i haven't counted but apparently they played 43 different songs over both nights. that's amazing! and in true jeff tweedy fashion, he "yelled" at someone for talking during the show. all i heard was, "what? you flew here from ohio? then you should be quiet! you spent all that money..." also, jeff told us that karl rove was staying at the same hotel as them on sunday night. then glenn did this creepy rumbling drum thing and jeff said that's what evil sounds like and that if you hear that sound, you know jenna bush is getting married somewhere near by.

i know i probably have more details i could write about but i want to go eat lunch. haha!


Alicia said...

10 times and you just met him? I'm surprised you didn't geek out more!

stefanie said...

he's really hard to track down. he basically leaves the venue IMMEDIATELY after the show. on sunday night i got out by the bus just as he was driving away in a suburban. last night i got out there about a minute before he came out. phew!

i'm really surprised that i didn't geek out more either. i'm glad i didn't because he probably would have freaked out. haha!