Tuesday, May 13, 2008

non-wilco related blog

i do have other things going on in my life other than wilco, i promise. such as...I FINALLY ORDERED MY DIGITAL SLR! i ended up going with the black canon rebel xti. i have no idea when it is going to arrive but i sure do hope it is soon. i can't wait to take pictures of wittle nels with it! i'm going to turn him into a baby model. a while back i wrote about how i was going to buy the indiana jones box set but it was full screen so didn't. really all i wanted was indiana jones and the last crusade anyway. i mean, the other ones are good but the last crusade is my faaaavorite. my sister and i used to watch it all the time when we were little. so today i hauled my ass to target and bought it! they just released all 3 of them individually as "special edition" dvds in conjunction with the theatrical release of the new indiana jones movie. i'm going to watch it right after the law and order: svu season finale. while i was at target i also bought a pack of topps baseball cards for the 2008 season. i'm starting a baseball card collection for nels. how cute is that? yeah, i think it's adorable. i already decided if he doesn't get taller than 6 feet he can be a catcher because he'll probably have sturdy hips and thighs. otherwise, he might have to be a pitcher. either way he's going to switch hit so he'll be more valuable to whatever team he is on. yeah, he's only like 5 days old but it's never too early to plan for the future :) speaking of baseball, i haven't been. i've been pretty busy so i haven't been able to pay a whole lot of attention to what has been happening in america's favorite past time. but i do know that the yankees kind of blow right now. i'm so not worried about it though. it's only may 13 and they're still not very far behind the red sox who are leading the al east. however, they do need a-rod and jorge back as soon as possible. a-rod could be back in about a week. jorge still has another month probably before they'll think about activating him off the DL. i miss my jorgie!

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