Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bubble bath+gold thong

so i just took a bubble bath for the first time in probably 10 years. it was awful. do you people like bubble baths? i guess i remembered why i stopped taking them 10 years ago. they're...weird. first of all, i'm not really a fan of the bath in general because i think it's sort of counter-productive. and all the bubbles? bubbles everywhere! yeah, everywhere. weird. hopefully i'll remember this experience 10 years down the road when i think, "oh i should take a bubble bath!" this cannot be true. i can accept that giambi might wear a gold thong for some sort of superstition but i do not believe that any other players have worn the same thong, under or over their shorts. that is disgusting. wayyy more disgusting than a bubble bath.


Charlotte said...

yeah, that's pretty gross and I am all for baseball players and their weird superstitions, but please, guys, sometimes silence is golden...wait for it....lamé.

I kill me.

Charlotte said...

also, about bubble baths, I get rashes from the bubble bath stuff so no bubble baths for me since I was about 4. I see the appeal, i guess, but I prefer to be rash-less, tyvm