Friday, June 13, 2008

friday the 13th

i sort of forgot that today was friday the 13th but it's been a weird day already. not bad weird, just weird.

1. these fliers have been up all over the neighborhood for the past couple of weeks.

i went outside this morning and franklin was in my front yard. so i called the numbers on the flier. the first one is the husband's cell phone. he didn't answer. so i called the wife's cell phone and she didn't answer either. her voicemail box is full so i couldn't leave a message. i called the husband again and left a message on his phone. he called back like 20 minutes later and said that he's in houston and his wife is "sick in bed". he wanted me to "detain" the turtle until this evening so he could come get it. except i have no way to detain the turtle. so i had to take it over to their house. i had to pick it up. i was scared out of my mind. the thought of touching a turtle has always nauseated me beyond belief. it took me a while to work up the nerve to do it, and i screamed the whole time. i dumped him in a laundry basket and took him to their house. yuck.

2. after that ordeal, i came home to regroup. i was sitting in the living room with a big t-shirt on and no pants. my cell phone rang (it was my dr's office) so i decided to run outside to answer it (i don't get good reception inside my house). i have no neighbors. i live in a cul de sac and the 2 other houses are empty, so going outside without pants shouldn't be a problem. except there was a meter reader walking up to the house next door! ahh! so i had to hide behind one of the columns in front of the house until he left. LOLOLOL!!

my sister and i were supposed to take nels to see the sex and the city movie at noon. the alamo drafthouse at the village has "baby day" on tuesdays and fridays. every movie on those days that starts before 2:05 is a baby friendly showing. they dim the lights but not all the way, and no one is going to freak out if there is a crying baby in the theater. anway, nels has been a crankpot for the past 2 days so i told her i didn't think today was a good day for a movie. i was so frazzled from the whole franklin incident that i didn't want to deal with a shitty baby for 2 hours. i think my sister wanted to back out on the movie as well but didn't want to disappoint me. i made it easy on her. hehe!

tonight dana is coming home!!!!! we're going out for dinner and drinks, then to emo's to see black joe lewis and mates of state. i'm SO excited to see danaaa. she's been in houston working for a few weeks. i can't remember when she comes back for good. just a couple more weeks i think. tonight should be interesting (not bad interesting) judging by the way my day started.

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