Saturday, June 14, 2008

friday the 13th part 2

the second half of my day was a little more normal than the first. i went to see screamin' nels for a few hours. that poor kid literally screamed ALL day yesterday. the only time he was quiet was when he was eating. it was sad. we all met at cuatro's and took a cab down to jaime's. ian had a chip on his shoulder and dana and i shared a margarita. it was hotter than hell. or so i thought. emo's felt like it was 115 degrees. lordy! i sucked down the sparkleberries because a)they're delicious and b)because they were cold and i was hot. black joe lewis and the honey bears were fantastic, as usual. i always have a blast dancing around at their shows. i think we all had a really good time during their set. after they played we went outside to try to cool off. we hadn't really been planning on staying for ALL of mates of state but we pretty much did. i think i was the only one who had seen or really even heard them before but we had a blast. it was a hoot and a holler! they played their cover of these days, which i had been talking about between bands, and it was beautiful. they played it last time they were at emo's but last night they had a violinist which made a huge difference. it was seriously so beautiful and amazing.

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