Sunday, June 15, 2008

lakeway cops are awesome

katie and paul's engagement party was really fun. it wasn't cheesy at all. yay! after all the adults (not that we are "kids" anymore) left, things got kind of insane. forrest refereed (yelled a lot during) an intense game of flip cup.

the end result was lots of beer spillage on the table/patio and the cops showing up. yes, the cops. we're only 25+. apparently one of the neighbors called to complain about the noise. understandable, really. a couple of people were so fucking loud during the game that i wanted to rip my ears off my head because i still had a headache from my friday night escapades. oy.

on a serious note, i really like paul. i am so happy for katie! it's amazing to see her this happy. i can't wait until the wedding, it's going to be so much fun! and the bachelorette party in new orleans! woooo!

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