Thursday, June 19, 2008

i love my nephew

i do, but riding in the car with him for hours on end is not very much fun. however, i managed to capture this gem today. seriously, what are the odds that he would spit up right after i turned the camera to him? we're in altus, oklahoma. we normally drive straight to my grandparents' house (about 12 hours) but with nels along for the ride, we knew it would take longer than usual. the trip to altus usually takes about 6 hours but today it took us 7.5. ugh. 6-8 more hours tomorrow and we'll finally be in ransom. check out my photos thus far in this set. nothing too special yet as i was in the car pretty much all day. though i do like the veggie shots.


Alicia said...

Well now I understand why you call him Screaming Nels.

stefanie said...

haha oh yeah, that actually wasn't as bad as it usually is. i just call him "yels" now. haha get it? oh man i'm funny.