Wednesday, June 18, 2008

some baseball

1. i hate interleague games. i don't know why, but i just do not like them. i especially don't like that the yankees lost their "ace" running the bases in houston the other day. i call him the "ace" because that's what fox sports and espn keeps calling him. i don't really know what makes him more of an ace than mike mussina. he's 8-2 with an earned run average over 4. moose is 10-4 with an era of 3.87. so, all things considered, i'd say they're about even. wang has pitched more innings though. anyway, whatever. my point is that wang isn't THE ace. 2. when joe girardi became manager of the yankees he took away sweets from their clubhouse. they used to have ice cream coolers, donuts, candy, etc. mike mussina keeps a dry erase board near his locker in the clubhouse and writes sometimes random, and sometimes pertinent things on it. the other day the board read, "the ice cream is back." apparently he made a deal with girardi that when he got to 10 wins they would get the ice cream back. 12 wins will be the return of donuts and 15 wins might bring back candy. some players (bobby abreau i think) sneak candy bars into the clubhouse. 3. the yankees signed sidney ponson to a aaa deal. what. the. fuck? 4. matsui is getting fluid drained from his knee. i hope to god that he's not going to be out for any extended period. oy. i suppose that's about it for now. nothing big. i'm just bored. off to kansas tomorrow. snore-fest.

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