Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm out of control today

i'm really blogtastic today. sorry dudes. don't worry, i'm going to be in kansas thursday-tuesday so i probably won't be bloggin' at all then. anyway, my friend kim went to a couple of the yankees/astros games over the weekend. she said she was going to get there early because they were opening the park at 4:30 so everyone could watch bp. i told her i wanted a picture of jorge's back side. well, this evening i got an email that kim had tagged me in a photo on facebook. this is the photo: yes, that is my jorge all stretched out. yummooooo! in other baseball news, i am trying not to be too worried about wang being out until september. i'm going to wait a few weeks before i start to shovel water out of the canoe. we'll see what the kids can do when given a start in the bigs. i want to remain optimistic but i'm prettttty sure that it's going to be a disaster. the mets are a classless organization. firing their manager in the middle of the night in anaheim? give me a break! willie definitely deserved better than that. i have more baseball things that i'd like to discuss but my ambien is definitely beginning to kick in so i better wrap it up. i'll leave you with this great video of some of the texas rangers using the infield at shea stadium as a slip n slide. it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

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