Tuesday, June 17, 2008

she was bruised like a cherry, ripe as a peach

this isn't a very good picture but it's the only one i took at the show last night. i was too busy dancing my ass off and singing loudly to be bothered with a camera. the show wasn't quite the same without lori, patti, or dana but i still had a fabulous time with kelley and michella. i don't remember the setlist exactly, but here's a guess:

close call
capturing moods
breakin' up
the absence of god
it's a hit
a better son/daughter
silver lining
i never

pictures of success
portions for foxes>spectacular views

i was super stoked that they played a better son/daughter. and pictures of success was sooooo pretty. the crowd was very energetic and blake and jenny made some comments about how they wish they could play in austin every night. i've heard a few bands say that and i know that i'm biased because i live here, but i doubt that they say that in every city. i'm sure they say it in some other cities, but not everywhere. my only complaint is that i wish they had played longer.

oh well. we got there towards the end of the first opener, benji hughes, and i didn't really pay much attention to the set. we were getting drinks and gossping. thao with the get down stay down was pretty good. thao nguyen reminded us A LOT of chan marshall (cat power). but, once again, i wasn't paying that much attention to their set.

it was hotter than blazes earlier in the evening which isn't too surprising but it actually kind of cooled off. i think it got down to the mid 80s! haha that's still hot though. there was a slight breeze which was mighty enjoyable when it blew through the crowd. overall it was a very lovely evening.

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