Saturday, July 26, 2008

day by'day

last night we made up a drinking game to go along with the movie wet hot american summer. i can't remember everything but here's a try. drink every time:
  • the camp counselors do something bad
  • a jewish reference is made
  • glass breaking sound plays
  • someone hooks up
  • they show the time on the screen
  • henry responds inappropriately to something beth has said
  • amy poehler mentions the talent show
  • they talk about after camp
  • someone mentions mckinnley's love life
  • gene says something creepy
  • a body of water is shown
  • the campers participate in a typical camp activity
  • food is shown
so, we obviously wrote the list then watched the movie. there is probably some editing that needs to take place because it was A LOT of drinking. after the movie we headed to mohawk. i guess it was still early but we weren't feeling the karaoke stuff. the drinks were expensive and the singing sucked. soooo we headed to creekside. shocking. some trashy ass blonde girl wearing hotpants who was making out with her ugly boyfriend for like 20 minutes threw her empty GLASS behind carlos onto the dirt/rocks out back at the bar. seriously, she threw a glass? so when they were walking by i yelled, "nice manners!" to her and her boyfriend turned around and gave me the stare down. i'm really scared of you, guy in a lonestar light trucker hat. after they left carlos informed me that he wouldn't mind getting into a fight. had i known that, i would have talked a lot more shit to those people :)

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