Thursday, July 24, 2008

my boys rage

if you watch my boys but haven't been watching this season, you might not want to read this rant. also, if you have never seen my boys you probably don't want to read this either because i bet it would be really boring. i am having major issues with the second season of my boys that is now airing on tbs. it's only the second season and things are already ridiculous. hardly anyone works anymore. pj doesn't make ANY baseball analogies. bobby is getting married. it seemed like andy was going to cheat on meredith. mike is even more annoying that ever. kenny is a ladies' man? stephanie sucks at life yet she is a "relationship guru." i'm gonna break these down a little, i think.
  • until tonight's episode, the only person that ever "worked" was andy and even that was questionable. he was just the only one that talked about work. everyone else seems to be on permanent vacation.
  • naturally, one of the things that drew me into the show was that pj is a sports writer. i think that's a great setup for a sitcom. during her narratives she used to always make comparisons about her life to baseball. i don't think she has done that once since the second season started.
  • bobby is marrying andy's nanny because her visa or green card or whatthefuckever expired. he says he's marrying her because he loves her and it feels right. i think it feels rushed. and i also think that bobby and pj belong together. duh.
  • the nia vardalos character sucks. the whole story line sucks. andy has this friend from work named joe. except it's really jo. jo's a woman! jo and andy spend way too much time together. jo clearly has a crush on andy and andy's being a douche about the whole thing. i really thought for a second that he was going to cheat on meredith.
  • mike. seriously. shut. the. fuck. up. his character has always had a sort of "annoying charm" but now he's just annoying. he's not funny at all. he's that guy that tries way too hard and still fails at life.
  • kenny is not hot. kenny has a weird personality. kenny has women throwing themselves at him now? i don't get it.
  • stephanie has always been my least favorite character on the show. after breaking up with her boyfriend on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to italy, she decides to write a book lumping men into a number of categories called you're a great guy but... i hope the irony is not lost on the writers of this show that stephanie is most likely the problem, not the men.
am i going to continue to watch this show? yes. first of all, there are very few tv shows that i watch right now and it's nice to try to have something to look forward to. and secondly, i want to see whether or not they're going to be able to pull it out of the dumpster.


Alicia said...

I've been having a hard time remembering to watch it online after the episodes air, so yeah, I'm on the same page. The acting seems a lot more stilted this season and oh my GOD if they don't get rid of Stephanie asap I might just give up. She's so obnoxious.

stefanie said...

dude, it's barely worth watching at this point. if i had anything better to do i might have given up on it by now. STEPHANIE MUST DIEEEE.

Centrechick said...

having not watched the first season, I have no reference, however I do agree that I had expected more sports references and meant to ask you why being a baseball fan, this show should appeal to me... haha

it's an ok sitcom, i still watch it, and I have cracked a smile a few times. but I would like some more sports references. last week where she was all excited over the brother flying her out to NY for the yankees/red sox game (hello? it's in BOSTON this weekend, like they couldn't have checked the schedule!) it was more like a non-baseball fan excited than someone who is supposed to be a complete fanatic. I mean, if some hot guy offered me tickets to a game with him, I'd be stoked about the date, but I'd also be stoked about the GAME. Particularly a Yankees/Red Sox game. HELLO!

Oh, and last night's game was awesome, kept me on pins and needles all the way to the end, which is a great game.

And woo, Mike Lowell gettin thrown out of the game, hot passion, amirite? :D

stefanie said...

i don't think the show is supposed to be in "real time" so the mention of a yankees/red sox game before this weekend was probably a coincidence. i think since pj is a sports writer she's kind of de-sensitized to getting excited about baseball games anyway.