Wednesday, July 23, 2008

this is more important than voting for obama

okay, that subject line is a bit of a stretch but i have something very important to ask of you guys. all of you, even if you're a casual reader or just stumbled upon this blog.
if you know me, or have read a fair portion of this blog, you know that buddy is one of my favorite artists. he is an amazing songwriter and he delivers his songs with a sort of gentle intensity that can only really be understood if you've seen him live. and emphasis on the itense, really! unfortunately, at this point in his career, the buddster doesn't do a whole lot of touring. i finally saw him for the first time at sxsw this year and i literally shook like a 12 year old at a hanson concert. it was epic for me. he is backed by a group of wonderfully talented musicians that make the experience all the more breathtaking.
austin city limits music festival is having a battle of the bands contest called the sound and the jury. please go here and vote for buddy. it takes very little time and you don't have to register for anything. they do ask for your email address but that's it! oh, and they email you a link to confirm your vote. that only takes like .01 more second. you can vote once per day from an email address. use that information as you so desire. thanks everyone! ps-obviously, if you aren't already listening to buddy, you should be! and now you can listen to his full length album, alterations and repairs, on the sidebar of this blog. yay!


Tj for Obama said...

Hi Stefanie, I just stumbled upon your blog and I noticed that you are a Obama supporter too. Please stop by my blog... I am giving away free Obama stickers. Thanks

Anthony said...

Why are you voting for Obama? Do you know what he believe in? Have you heard his ideas? More taxes? More government spending. Yes, he is a smooth talker, but listen to his ideas, or lack of ideas. Then make an informed decision...

Repectfully yours,


stefanie said...

why are you trolling around random blogs trying to bully people about their political beliefs? get a fucking life.