Thursday, July 31, 2008

holy trade deadline, batman!

i seem to recall last year's trade deadline coming and going without much fuss. this year is totally different! pudge, manny, teixeira, junior and more. good night nurse! i am pretty glad to see kyle farnsworth go back to detroit. i never liked the guy (except for his hot arms) and he's so erratic. his outings were totally unpredictable. i don't think i quite understand why detroit would take him for pudge, straight up. that seems like a bad deal for them but i've got no complaints. and manny is out of the al east, and out of the al in general. that is pretty damn sweet. it sucks that he's joe torre's problem now though. haha poor joe! the angels are starting to scare me. they have A LOT of awesome players. i hope they find some way to fall apart though. i have more thoughts on this subject but i'm super tired and distracted so this is kind of all over the place. probably a waste of everyone's time but whatevs.

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