Sunday, August 3, 2008

we need a new bar

i'm sad to say that the past few times i've been to creekside, the crowd has been pretty douchey. we're trying to think of a new bar but we've pretty much exhausted all the possibilities. i wouldn't mind going back to hanging out at side bar more except for their bathroom situation. they have ONE toilet for the women. after 11:30 there are never less than 3 girls in line for the bathroom at any given moment. i've had times where i left side bar to go next door to creekside just to pee because they have three toilets. but it's really a pain in the ass to wait in line or go next door. i don't mind beauty bar but i only like to go there if there's a musical act that i want to see. it gets way too crowded to go there for just a relaxing saturday night. i'm thinking i might have to cycle back to mugshots, where it all began. i also like club deville but their drinks are a lot more spendy than the bars on 7th. i guess we're just in a rut. and we're getting old. haha! a new bar needs to open up or something.

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