Sunday, August 3, 2008

i will cover you

i'm pretty certain that most of you know that i LOVE cover songs. i should clarify that i love AMAZING cover songs. i don't want to hear some lackluster cover of a song that i love. so i decided to make a list of some of my absolute favorite covers. chances are, they're on my faves list because it's a band that i love covering a band that i love. if not, i'll let you know why i like it. i'm writing the original artist, song title, then cover artist. 

the band-i shall be released-wilco
big star-thirteen-wilco
kylie minogue-can't get you out of my head-the flaming lips*
the beach boys-god only knows-ben kweller
leonard cohen-chelsea hotel no.2-rufus wainwright
the band-up on cripple creek-gomez
nico-these days-mates of state (the song was written by jackson browne but the first recording was done by nico)
phil collins-against all odds-the postal service
neil young-unknown legend-ben ottewell
neil young-after the goldrush-thom yorke
leonard cohen-hallelujah-jeff buckley
trent reznor-hurt-johnny cash*
joni mitchell-woodstock-crosby, stills, nash, and young
tears for fears-mad world-gary jules*
the band-the weight-travis
grateful dead-friend of the devil-lyle lovett, counting crows
vanilla ice-ice ice baby-ben kweller*
dire straits-romeo and juliet-indigo girls

*so in the case of the songs that i denoted with a * i have to say that i like them because they're so drastically different from the original. the artist really makes it their own and i like the cover better than the original. i could actually keep this going for a while but my ambien is kicking in so i should get off the computer. or at least the blog.

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Centrechick said...

nice idea for a post. one of my favorite covers that I can't stop listening to is Of Montreal's cover of Jimmy by M.I.A

And Eels' cover of Get Ur Freak On is pretty awesome too.

My favorite cover is Gomez's cover of Hey Bulldog by the Beatles. I think it's much better than the original!