Monday, July 7, 2008

i heart moose

last night kate was telling me how she trusts my opinion on a lot of things but she cannot get behind my love of the yankees. that's totally understandable but i feel that there are probably a few yankees she would love individually if she "got to know" them. first on that list is mike mussina. i would be interested to meet someone that doesn't like him, actually. here are some reasons why i love the moose:
  • let's get the superficial stuff out of the way first. he's fucking hot, alright!
  • he graduated with an economics degree from stanford in under 4 years
  • the 2006 documentary wordplay taught us all that mike mussina does the new york times crossword puzzle (also, i really like that movie and not just because mussina is in it)
  • he enters ballgames to "the zoo" by the scorpions!
  • and this is stolen straight from wikipedia: He is fifth among all active pitchers in wins (260), shutouts (23) and complete games (57), seventh in strikeouts (2,705) and innings (3,437.2), eighth in batters faced (13,886), ninth in BB/9 IP (2.018), and tenth in win-loss percentage (.633). His 260 wins are the most by any pitcher never to have a 20 win season.
  • he keeps a dry erase board in the clubhouse that he writes little messages on. when joe girardi became manager he took away the sweets from the clubhouse. they used to munch on ice cream, candy, donuts...stuff like that and girardi decided that wasn't really helping them. apparently mussina made a deal with girardi regarding wins and sweets because after his 10th win the dry erase board said, "the ice cream is back." when he reaches 12 wins they get the donuts back and there is a possibility that candy could be back after his 15th win.
  • he's hilarious. i was listening to a press conference thingie with him yesterday and he was talking about how if he didn't get selected to go to the all-star game he would just go home to PA and go to the county fair. they have tractor pulls and a demolition derby. haha! looks like he'll be going to that because he isn't going to the all-star game :(
i could probably go on for a while longer but really, these are great reasons to love moose.


Charlotte said...

haha, you're so cute when you're gushy - "press conference thingie"

stefanie said...

well press conference sounds so official and i didn't know if it was an actual press conference. but i'm totally gushing because i'm in love with him. heheh!

Kate said...

Aww, Stef, I made your blog!! :) So, based on this list (and the picture, nice!), I admit Mike Mussina may not be COMPLETELY terrible. I do love a man who does the crossword. Just don't you dare start trying to convince me that superdouches Jeter and A-Rod are anything but vile . . . ! :)

stefanie said...

i think there are a few lovable things about jeter but i won't push them on you. i'm thinking jorge posada, andy pettitte (who you should already love) and mariano rivera are next in this series. i knew i could get into your heart with mussina though!