Monday, July 7, 2008

music babble

this is what i've been listening to lately. some are new favorites and some are old favorites.
  • fleet foxes
  • the helio sequence
  • mgmt
  • girl talk
  • buddy
  • the brendan hines
  • gomez (this probably seems silly for someone like me to mention but i actually haven't listened to gomez in quite a while. i've been having some personal issues with listening to gomez but i should probably save that for another blog.)
  • black joe lewis (i will continue to blog about this guy until you people take notice and check him out! he's fantastic!)
  • holly conlan (if you hurry, you can grab her song "you are goodbye" for free from itunes!)
i also really love the last EP that joseph arthur released, vagabond skies. i think i've already mentioned this but it's my favorite of the 3 that he's put out so far this year. the 4th and final EP comes out tomorrow, then a full album with the band in september. wooo! ben kweller recorded a new album back in september with jim eno (of spoon [black joe lewis also just recorded an album with him]) but it hasn't been released yet. last i heard his contract with ATO records was up and he was trying to decide what to do from there; re-sign with ATO, shop around for a new label, or just release it himself. i think it's supposed to be out in september but i won't make any promises because i don't really know. gomez is working on a new album this year. they've had one recording session in chicago and will be heading back next month to finish it up. who the hell knows when it's going to be released though. it's just been announced that they are going to play their debut album, bring it on (1998), in its entirety in manchester and london in september. last year ben kweller played 3 nights in brooklyn where he played each of his albums from start to finish, one each night. it was such a success that he did it again in LA about a month later. i thought that was a fascinating idea for a show and have been wanting gomez to do it ever since. unfortunately i won't be seeing either of these gomez shows but i'm still excited at the prospect of hearing a recording of it. i think that's about all i have to say for now.

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