Monday, July 21, 2008

my sleep movie

when i came home from casey's last night i was completely exhausted. i uploaded some pics and caught up on the 'net then put in a movie (cruel intentions). however, due to my over active brain, i was unable to fall asleep. i hadn't taken an ambien because i felt so tired i didn't think i would need one. after cruel intentions was over i put in the old standby, lost in translation. by no means does this mean that i find it to be a boring movie because i love lost in translation. LOVE. but something about it almost always puts me to sleep (when i need to be put to sleep). i think it's a combination of the small amount of dialogue and the (mostly) ambient music (i mean, "fuck the pain away" by peaches isn't exactly ambient...good thing i'm usually asleep by the time that scene is on). is there something that you turn to, other than pills, to help you sleep?


Centrechick said...

unfortunately, I do not have this problem. I have the exact opposite. I can fall asleep almost anytime anywhere, whether I had 5 hours of sleep the night before or 15. It sucks because I have actually found myself fighting sleep mid-sentence at work.

on the rare (very rare) occasion that I am experiencing insomnia, I find that a nice hot shower helps get me sleepy, not even necessarily bathing, just standing under the water, inhaling the steam with deep breaths and massaging my scalp, all of those things help me relax. the worst thing I can do is watch tv or get online when I can't sleep. Not that it stops me, knowing this. haha

stefanie said...

my mom is like you, she can fall asleep pretty much ANY time. it's frustrating for me because i have such a struggle with it. booo!

there are many things you're not "supposed" to do before bed but i have to watch tv, or at least have it on. i can't fall asleep if the room is dead silent.

Centrechick said...

I play the classical music station all night, very rarely can I sleep without some sort of music, it used to be rock music, but in my advanced years I've had to tone it down...haha