Thursday, September 11, 2008

she did it again

congratulations, jenny lewis, for making another fantastic solo album. i don't like acid tongue as much as rabbit fur coat but i've only listened to it a few times. it could easily grow on me. it's good to hear a studio version of fernando since she's been playing that one at shows for a couple of years now. and i just love her voice. i could listen to it all day, probably. i'm really glad i bought that ticket to see her with conor oberst and m. ward in a couple of weeks. i don't remember if i blogged about it but i had sort of convinced myself that i didn't want (need, really) to go to that show but then i realized that i would be super bummed if i missed it. frontgate's website didn't have any tickets available but the la zona rosa site did. i don't know what's up with that. we finally won trivia last night after many weeks of coming in 2nd to the upperdeckers. it was very satisfying. and i finally got the seinfeld question! there is a seinfeld question pretty much every week and we hardly ever get them right. it's frustrating because i know that i've seen every episode of that show at least once but when i'm put on the spot, i can't really remember anything. haha lame! my short trip to chicago is 3 weeks from today. i'm super anxious about it! and i use the word "anxious" in both the good and bad way. ugh, i dunno. i'm just kind of stressing because i'm non-reving and because it's such a short trip. i almost wonder if it's even worth it but i already know the answer to that.

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