Saturday, September 13, 2008

torn acl

i'm not going to acl fest this year. recently i've started to feel weird about that. i don't want to go but i know that some part of me is going to feel weird when the festival is going on and i'm not there. i decided to go back through my old blog and find some things i've written about past festivals. they'll be labeled as pros and cons. cons: -i am physically exhausted and i still have 2 more days of this. i hope i can make it. i have blood on my shoes from them rubbing the back of my heals, i have blisters on the bottom of my right foot and my legs are soooooo sore. (2004) -the heat really got to me on sunday after rilo kiley though. i felt realllly shitty for about an hour and then i was fine. you people wouldn't believe the amount of dirt that was flying around that place though. i had to clean dirt out of my ears each night. it was quite disgusting but quite worth it in the end. will i go to acl again next year? probably because i'm crazy like that. (2005) -i'm going go try to take 'er easy today because i'm worn the fuck out from yesterday. (2006) -ben kweller took the stage a few minutes late and said, "sorry for the delay, i'm having a double nostril nose-bleed." he tried to make it stop, he even put a tampon up there, but it wasn't happening. he had to cut his set short. he only did like 4 songs :( (2006) -i think it was more exhausting than any other year. i feel like i could turn into rip van winkle now. awww yeah. (2007) pros: -the pixies rocked my life away. they were fucking incredible. i can't even tell you. wow. (2004) -then we watched elvis costello. holy shit. i smiled the entire way through his set. and he wore a purple suit which was the cutest thing ever. he encored with "alison" which almost made me cry. seeing him was one of the highlights of my life. seriously. (2004) -i seriously just had the best weekend ever. (2004) -music-wise the weekend was perfect. (2005) -the vip lounge is fucking amazing. damn!! (2006) -i ran into joseph arthur and the lonely astronauts at the airport on thursday night while i was waiting for meghan to land. (2007) -i just need to say that arcade fire BLEW MY MIND tonight. i've seen them a few times before but this was out of control. their stage set up right now is freaking fantastic! AND they played an ENCORE. i am almost positive that in all the years i've been going to ACL i've never seen anyone do an encore. granted, it was only one song but it was the one song that i was going to be REALLY upset if they didn't play. wake up! i almost cried because it was so moving to be in that gigantic crowd with everyone singing along and dancing. (2007) so oddly enough, my list of pros is longer than my list of cons. i know that i've had some really, really amazing times at the festival. but i also know that i am always sooooooo miserable when i'm there. if the lineup were better i would probably be going this year but i just can't muster the energy to spend 3 days in the heat watching bands that i don't really care that much about. i mean, there are definitely bands that i would like to see but not enough to make it worth it for me. i'm still a little torn over my decision but i know it is best for me.

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