Sunday, November 9, 2008

apd=racist jerks?

i've always heard that members of the austin police department are racist. i'm sure that's not an austin specific issue. anyway, i finally heard it for myself last night. we were walking to the car last night and while waiting to cross trinity at 7th street we encountered some sort of an incident. all i saw was an african american woman with her face all bloody and a bunch of people crowded around. four or so of those people were cops and one was a paramedic. the cops weren't really doing anything to aid whatever the situation was but i heard one of them say, "what are these two clowns doing?" and the other one said, rather disdainfully, "they're trying to represent the hood." WHAT? i couldn't believe my ears. looking back now i'm not really that surprised but that definitely doesn't make it okay.

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