Friday, November 7, 2008


as the baseball season draws to a close every fall, i start to wonder what i'm going to do with myself without it. this year, baseball sort of fizzled out for me after the bay rays beat boston on october 19. i didn't really notice the lack of baseball in my life because i was so focused on all things election related. now that the election is over, i'm realizing that baseball is gone too. wtf am i going to do without baseball AND a presidential election to geek out over? i feel empty, sort of. i'm still following obama's moves pretty closely. i want to know about everything that he's doing and everyone that he's appointing but it's not with the same anxiousness that i followed the election. so with all of this spare time on my hands, i've run across a number of upsetting comments on facebook about obama. i know i already mentioned the worst of them a couple of days ago but it all still irritates me a lot. so i really need something to occupy my time when i'm bored at work and surfing the internet so that i won't go back to facebook and get angry. sure, there are a few offseason baseball stories happening right now but that's not really enough to entertain me for very long. so now what?


Alicia said...

Did you see that on they have an open application for anyone wanting to work in the Obama administration? Now THAT is change.

Centrechick said...

Oddly enough, I lost interest in baseball about the same time you did - funny, right? (haha)

I know what you mean, now that it's a certainty that Obama will be in the White House, it's like now what? The nice thing about obsessing about the election is that it was virtually free and there was more information than a human mind can take in at once so there's lots to do. Anything else I can think of to occupy myself takes money (movies, music, etc). If I find something interesting/free, I'll let you know! :)