Thursday, November 6, 2008

interview with joan baez

i just read an interview on with joan baez. it was kind of weird and awesome at the same time. i guess like her. ha! anyway, this part really stood out to me: I've never seen this country this politically charged. I realized something this morning. I was watching Obama on TV and I thought, "I really love this guy." I love what he's capable of, I love that he's genuine. He's a statesman, and he's brilliant. People say, "Do you think he can change America?" He already has. and she's so right. he has already changed america. look at all the people who went out and voted in this election. it's a much higher number than it was 4 years ago and i believe that that is a direct result of barack obama running for president. you can read the rest of the interview here. also, obama won north carolina. that's the 9th state that bush won in 2004 that obama won this time. that's insane and incredible!!


Alicia said...

One of my coworkers was at a rally in Alexandria on Monday night for a local congressman and apparently Joan Baez was in the crowd because she played a show here Tuesday night. They asked if she'd be willing to go on stage and sing and she hesitantly went up and said something along the lines of "I gave up being publicly political in the 60s, but I believe in this man and am going to sing a song." And then she sang an a capella version of "Amazing Grace" that apparently had a lot of people crying.

LONG STORY SHORT: She's fucking awesome.

stefanie said...

awww that's incredible! i would have cried, for sure.