Thursday, November 13, 2008

join the impact

i know i've briefly mentioned my feelings toward proposition 8 but i wanted to share some more. first off, i hope you all watched the keith olbmermann video that i posted a couple of days ago. it has been plastered all over the internet since it originally aired on monday night so you've probably had many opportunities to watch it. in light of this being a shitty, shitty situation i would like to say that i was really excited to see so many of my friends post the video on facebook. i honestly think that it has the power to soften some (not many) peoples' views on this issue because it cuts right to the point: this is about love. i would also like to urge ALL of you to check this site to see if there is a prop 8 protest near you this saturday, november 15. unfortunately, i have to work on saturday and will not be able to attend the protest here in austin. believe me, i am tempted to call in sick and go anyway but i'm not sure i can afford the backlash of that decision. but that doesn't mean that i don't fully support each and every person going out and protesting this. this list of austin residents who financially supported the passage of this proposition was brought to my attention this morning. nauseating is what that is. the largest donor, spencer wheelwright, works for dell. unfortunately i own a dell and i can't exactly afford to ditch this computer right now. sorry, dudes. and apparently, cinemark donated $10,000 to help the prop pass as well. there are 8 cinemark theaters in the austin area alone. gay marriage advocates are urging people to boycott any business that donated money to this "cause" saying that they won't support businesses that don't support them. fair enough! so please try to do your part to protest this violation in civil rights, if you see fit.


disestablishingpuritanism said...

I have no life here for the next hour-and-a-half before meeting up with a friend. Prop 8 should be reversed by the State Supreme Court. I read some of the case that led to legalizing gay marriage. It's very similar to Loving v. Virginia for these reasons and why you should feel confident:

1. Immutability - This just means one can't change who he or she is. Like Loving, one can't change the color of skin. Obviously, this applies to sexual orientation.

2. There wasn't one so-called marriage between a man and woman witness who could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his or her marriage was in jeopardy from a gay marriage.

Keith Olbermann is one more transcending voice of reason in what I believe will become An Age of Tolerance. His wit, compassion, and light-hearted humor separates him from the rest. Keith is the most powerful commentator I think I will see in my lifetime. Glad to find your blog.

Lizzie said...

I just had some fun poking around that database. I was pleased to see that in Pittsburgh, there was only one donation in support, and 36 against. And then in ALL of Mass, 19 pro, 892 against! Including one guy who gave $225,000. Makes me proud of my two homes.

stefanie said...

wow 892 against? that's awesome! i think austin had 127 against, including $100,000 from apple. makes me wish i had a mac. hahaha!

stefanie said...

also, hey new reader! thanks for the comment. i totally agree with your points!