Saturday, November 15, 2008

protest pictures

check out this set and this pool on flickr for some great photos of prop 8 protests. according to this austinist piece, 3000 people showed up for the protest here in austin. that's really awesome. be sure to check out their pictures to see how diverse of a group it was. here are some more events to look for in the coming weeks: December 10th 2008: Day Without a Gay. There was some confusion about the date, but two organizations proposed this great initiative and we combined into one. On December 10th, we ask that the LGBTQ community Call in Gay! Don’t go to work, don’t consume, don’t contribute to this economy at all… instead, contribute to your community through volunteer work, community outreach, and social outreach. We are taking a new spin on boycott. During the busy shopping season where analysts have year over year numbers, we want to watch the graph dip as we take our tax dollars and keep them. Instead, we will give to the organizations that need our time and help. We are taxpaying citizens who contribute to this economy. We deserve legal protections from our government and marriage provides 10,000+ legal protections that are not awarded to our families! Read Joel Stein’s Call to Action and Visit (Remember the Date will be December 10th NOT the 5th) January 10th, 2009: National Protest. Let’s do this again! We’ve done so much with only one week of planning. Now imagine what we can do with 2 months! It’s time we get out and protest all of the anti-gay ballot initiatives from 2008 AND the initiatives from 2004: DOMA. DOMA exists in 37 states throughout our country! Full equality will not exist with DOMA. We need to bring the nation’s attention back to this, keep their attention on Prop 8’s revoking of rights, and keep giving this country a reason to talk! and lastly, check out blue for equality. all you have to do is display a blue light on your front porch or window to show your support.


Alicia said...

I read on Austinist on Friday that they were expecting Austin's to be the biggest in the state. Did that pan out?

The one in DC was great except for the rain. :(

stefanie said...

i haven't heard about the other protests in texas yet. apparently there were 3,000 in austin though which is pretty good! i'll try to find info about the other cities.

cold rain blows ass. it was "cold" and windy here yesterday but that didn't seem to stop anyone.