Tuesday, March 24, 2009

nothing like a good ol' hit and run

just like last year, i spent most of the week at paul and casey's house because they pretty much live right in the middle of all the action. last year hobbs got a ticket because her wheels weren't pointed towards the curb. i made extra sure that wouldn't happen to me this year! instead...i got hit.
jason and i had literally just walked out of the compound (where we had been watching buddy) when casey called to say that it looked like someone hit my car. my stomach was flipping and flopping the whole walk back to the house. 
i would have died if jason and casey hadn't been there. they cleaned A LOT of the glass out of the car. they're my heroes! 
my insurance deductible for uninsured motorists is $250. boo. i'm taking it in to get looked at tomorrow. who knows how long before they can actually fix it though. i might need a new door, but probably not. i just can't wait until all the glass is cleaned out of the car. i made the mistake of driving in flip flops last night and i won't be doing that again. eek. 
i can't believe this asshole didn't leave a note or anything. that's $1400 worth of damage! i also can't believe that there were no witnesses. people are constantly walking up and down casey's street during sxsw, there's no way that NO ONE saw this. but i guess no one cared :( 

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