Monday, March 23, 2009

sxsw: your wristbands can s my d

before i get to the details of sxsw 2009, i have to vent about the shitty, awful, terrible, moronic wristbands they had for the festival this year.
i picked up my wristband in the early afternoon on wednesday, the first day of sxsw. an hour later, while drinking some sort of margarita wine cooler (hey, they told us they were free margaritas) my wristband snapped. it was still attached to my wrist but the plastic had snapped. wtf? i went to get it replaced a couple of hours later. the lady put the second one on a little looser because she thought that was the problem. 
after i got my second wristband i went to eat at guero's. shortly after leaving the restaurant i realized that my wristband was cracking again. not long after, it had completely snapped. now, my biggest concern with this was that i was going to get hassled at the door and possibly denied entrance because it looked like the wristband had been tampered with.
i went to get a THIRD wristband the next morning and was kind of made to feel that it was my fault they were snapping. that really, really pissed me off. it's one thing to keep giving out a really shitty, faulty designed wristband but it's another thing to BLAME ME when i did nothing wrong. so, sxsw, fuck you and your shitty ass wristbands.


Jane said...

funny post! bonnaroo had the same kind of plastic wristbands for the first couple years i went but they never broke. Last year they moved to fabric ones that were pretty comfortable. I hate having to constantly wear something on my wrist.

stefanie said...

acl and sxsw have had plastic wristbands forever but this was something i had never seen before. it was, like, holographic textured plastic. and such a wide wristband! it was super uncomfortable to wear to days in a row.