Sunday, May 17, 2009

i never win anything!

just the other day i was complaining how i never win anything. i enter the austinist free ticket contests pretty much every time they have one and i've never won. a couple of weeks ago dana won the black joe lewis ticket giveaway. then on monday, alicia won the elvis perkins giveaway. not fair! but today, my "never winning anything" came to an end. 
on wednesday one of my co-workers called in sick. for the next couple of days instead of coming in at 11:00 like he was scheduled, he came in at 10:00 to try to make up some hours from being sick. yesterday i decided if he was going to come in at 10:00 again then i was going to come in at 11:00. i spent the night at my sister's house last night and left around 10:32 to head to work. the radio was on bob fm and some terrible song was playing. i put it on kgsr just as barbara jo was saying, "text "DELL" to 68704 for your chance to win tickets to see bob dylan, willie nelson, and john mellencamp. texter #107 wins." so i thought, "what the hell?" jason and i had talked about going to that show until we saw the ticket prices. $80*!? too rich for my blood. so i sent the text and got a reply that said, "107.1 kgsr-you're texter 29. keep trying." so i sent it again and my reply said, "107.1 kgsr-you're texter 74. keep trying." keep in mind that those first 2 texts were sent within about 20 seconds of each other. so i figured that by the time i sent another text the contest would be over. i sent one anyway and this was the reply i got, "congrats! you are texter 107. call so and so with kgsr promotions on monday morning to redeem your prize." 
I WON?! i couldn't believe it! and then i got to thinking that if my co-worker hadn't been sick on wednesday, i would have already been at work and wouldn't have even known about the contest. crazy, huh? 
so yeah, i'm going to see bob dylan, willie nelson, and john mellencamp at the dell diamond on august 4. that's pretty exciting!! 
*i say $80 because they're $68 through ticketmaster and those bastards always charge A LOT in fees. i don't know the exact cost of the tickets though. 


Lizzie said...

Congratulations! That's a great one to win. But you know I always have to give an anecdote, and this ties into two different things. 1) They're playing at the baseball stadium where my brother works, too, and I was hoping he could get me tickets if I flew home for it, but boooo, the date doesn't work for me. So I can't wait to hear about your show. 2) My other brother's friend entered one of those texting contests for Penguins tickets a couple weeks ago and got a text back that he won... Except then he got another text that there had been a glitch and everyone who entered was told they won! Worst mistake ever! He had a screenshot of the two texts as his Facebook photo for a while, which made me laugh.

stefanie said...

thanks!! that sucks that you can't make it home for that show. i have to admit that i'm a wee bit paranoid after that story about your brother's friend though! i'll find out for sure when i call the promotions guy on monday though. haha!