Friday, May 15, 2009

price discrepancy

i love tito's vodka. it is my liquor of choice. and i don't just like it because it's cheap, i actually prefer the taste to pretty much any other vodka. my favorite ways to enjoy it are mixed with cranberry juice, tonic, or blood orange italian soda. 
i get a little frustrated when i go out of state and can't have my tito's. i also get a little frustrated when bars charge an arm and a leg for a cocktail with tito's. the other night at the parish, they ran out of tito's! i was a bit flabbergasted when the bartender told me that so i just stood there for a second and then she said, "stoli and absolut are the same price as tito's..." as if to suggest something else for me to order. now, i know that drinks at concerts are always more expensive than drinks at regular ol' bars but lumping tito's into the same price point as stoli and aboslut? that is ridiculous! i did a little bit of price hunting and found these figures for all 3 of those brands in 750ml bottles:
tito's $17.99
stoli $23.99
absolut $25.99
now, pricing obviously differs depending on where you're buying and whatnot so those are just rough figures...but still! that is a noticeable difference in price. shame on you, parish, for charging so much for tito's when it costs you so little! also, shame on you for running out of it! 

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