Saturday, May 30, 2009

i used to blog about baseball

another quick blog before i go to bed because it's on my mind. i used to love to write about baseball. i also used to LOVE to watch baseball. the fact that everyone is or could be on steroids has seriously jaded me though. i just cannot bring myself to invest so much time and emotion in something that might all be a charade. i feel foolish each time information about a player using steroids comes out. as our last president said, "fool me once...uhh, shame on you. fool me...can't get fooled again!" instead of giving players the benefit of the doubt, i'll just have to assume that everyone who plays well is juicing. it's the only way to not be disappointed. okay, that's a bit extreme and i don't really feel that way but a gal's got to do something to keep her heart from being broken again, right? anyway, that was kind of a long way to explain why i can't quite bring myself to write about the sport anymore. 
my friend kim wrote this about manny ramirez and how he's still receiving lots of votes for the all-star game. i agree with pretty much everything she said. except for all that fluff about the astros ;)
so yeah, maybe someday i'll get over myself and blog about baseball again. not that you care. 

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