Saturday, May 30, 2009

it's about to get crazy!

back in april i had a three-night-run of events. much to my surprise, it wasn't as bad as i was anticipating. and by bad, i just mean utterly exhausting. well, starting this coming wednesday, i have 6 concerts to attend in 8 days. i have to work 4 out of those 8 days as well. so that's shows wednesday (passion pit), thursday (helio sequence), and friday (animal collective) with the weekend off (but not off from work! and i have inventory sunday!), then gomez monday (stubb's plus an in-store at waterloo), tuesday (warehouse live), and wednesday (house of blues). so the last part of the insanity is not just concerts but also a small roadtrip. tuesday we'll drive from austin to houston, wednesday we'll drive from houston to dallas, and thursday we'll drive from dallas to austin. it's not a terrible amount of time on the road, thank god! you may find yourselves wondering why on earth i would go see gomez 3 nights in a row. well, it's something that i can't explain. you either get it or you don't. fortunately, my friend bonnie gets it and she will be my partner in crime for this trip. as you can see, the last time gomez "did" texas, things got silly. hopefully this trip won't involve a speeding ticket!
i will try my best to take lots of fun pictures. i will also try to remember as many details as possible to write about later. that isn't really for y'all but some people might enjoy it anyway. it's mostly for myself so i can look back on it later when my memories start to fade. anyway, i will leave you all with my fortune from tonight's panda express dinner. i shall keep this in mind :) 
keep your expectations reasonable

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