Tuesday, May 26, 2009

stuff i love 1

i've decided to add a new weekly feature to the ol' blog: stuff i love. hopefully i'll manage to post it every tuesday but forgive me if i don't. some weeks i might post about multiple things that i love, other weeks i might just focus on one. "stuff" can be defined as just about anything. could be people, places, food, a song, a hair product...who knows! i find that i spend too much time writing and talking about things i don't like and that's no way to live. hopefully this weekly post will give me, and maybe some of you, a reason to think about all the things that are out there to love. i don't want to be too cheesy about this though! after all, i am still a judgmental bitch. so, without further ado, here is this week's installment of stuff i love.
yes, folks, it's that time...the scripps national spelling bee! last year's showdown between samir mishra and siddharth chand was AWESOME! i was rooting for samir the whole time so i was extremely excited when he was able to correctly spell "guerdon" after sidharth missed it. i'm off work tomorrow so i intend to watch the preliminaries on espn starting at 1:15 eastern. i'll miss the semifinals on thursday but you can bet you'll find me watching the finals on thursday night! i just love watching them "write" the words on the back of their contestant cards. i highly recommend watching the bee at some point in the next three days. it's so much more entertaining than you might think it is!
edit: i misread the spelling bee website. today's preliminaries are on espn360.com, not on tv. lame. boo! 


Anonymous said...

i miss watching the spelling bee! (no cable..lol) when I was younger I was totally into it because I used to compete! Never made it past State though (boo)

gah, around where robertson hill is, looks pretty safe. there are a ton of great restaurants and there is a secure parking garage that leads to my apt so hopefully that'll reduce the number of break-ins..my car is a piece of crap though so maybe thiefs will look away anyways ha

come visit!

stefanie said...

spelling bees always made me nervous when i was a kid. i'm not a bad speller but i guess i'm not GREAT either.

i think it's a relatively safe area. it's not very far east either. that parking garage will be really nice to have too! and the blue dahlia is close by!