Saturday, July 25, 2009

because i have little shame

and i've already posted this on my flickr, i will share with you a rather pathetic picture of myself:
that was just a few hours after i had my molar extracted. the super cool headstrap is used to keep ice on my face. i had to ice for 60 minutes at a time with only 15 minute breaks in between. it might look ridiculous but it was mighty helpful. despite how terrible i look in this picture, the whole experience really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i'm not totally out of the woods yet but i'm back to eating most solid foods and i can drink out of a straw again!
i had a slightly rough transition from bed-ridden bum to camera store slave yesterday. i wasn't in much, if any, pain most of the day but it was tough being awake and standing for so long. i know that sounds kind of absurd but i had already adjusted to sleeping on and off all day for 3 days. that was aided greatly by the painkillers i was prescribed. however, i managed to power on and only left work 45 minutes early. i anticipate that by the time i leave for san francisco on thursday, i'll be almost completely back to normal. well, minus the hole in my mouth.


Centrechick said...

aw, I think you look kinda cute. :)

stefanie said...

if misery is cute, then yes, i look cute in this picture. thanks!!