Tuesday, July 21, 2009

he was wearing denim scrubs again today

my procedure went pretty well this morning. i was not anxious about the iv at all which i expected to be. i hate needles. i've had ivs before so i guess i was more calm about it this time. right before the sedation really started to kick in, i closed my eyes and everything was red. it reminded me of a line from flavors, by gomez, "there was a red light coughing up a room of blood." then when i woke up, i was panicking because i had to finish planning a gomez tour. haha what?
i've been on a strict ice regimen since i got home and i think it is helping a lot. i'm really not experiencing much discomfort at all. i hate to jinx it though!
and, i'm a little too out of it to continue writing. i believe if i were to make a "stuff i love" post, it would be similar to this one anyway.


maisquared said...

wow, note to self: don't have a tooth extracted ever haha

stefanie said...

haha it isn't that bad but i don't recommend it!