Monday, July 13, 2009

soco stroll

for the record, i actually hate when people refer to south congress as "soco" but i thought it sounded okay as the title to this blog post. whatever. anyway, this afternoon i decided to take a little field trip down to south congress to take some pictures. it was hotter than shit but i trucked along anyway because i knew i would be bored if i just went home and sat around all afternoon. here are a few of my favorite shots from today. i have LOTS and i'm slowly working on narrowing them down to upload to flickr.


Mel Ferro Cole said...

these are great, and the colors are so vibrant! ohhh south congress, how i love you :)

stefanie said...

thanks! yeah, i really love it down there. it just has so much character!

Kimberly said...

really nice pictures. how do you change the contrast and such?