Tuesday, July 14, 2009

stuff i love 8

i have been watching so much roseanne lately, it is unreal. part of it is because it's the summer and there really isn't anything else on tv. another part is that it is on almost all the time, tv land might as well change their name to "roseanne land with small breaks for the cosby show". and the last part of my current roseanne addiction is that i've always loved this show and i love re-watching it. when i was a kid, it was the only show on televsion that i could really relate to. i don't know if we were ever as bad off as the conners but we definitely had some tough times and had to do without a lot of unnecessary material possessions. i would be lying if i said that roseanne helped all of that make sense to me because it didn't. i still wanted what all the other kids had and felt vastly inferior because i didn't have whatever the "cool" items were at the time.
so this week, i love roseanne for still providing a relevant social commentary. i'm not "conner poor" anymore but i still really appreciate one of the first shows to "go there". i suppose married with children did it first but that show was so disgusting and un-funny, it shouldn't count.

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