Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first memories

the other night we were talking about the first current event we remember knowing about. i have lots of memories from my childhood, going back to ages as young as 2 and 3, but the first current event i remember was the loma prieta earthquake, also known as the world series quake.
it was right before the third game of the world series between oakland and san francisco. since the game was on the west coast, it was a late start for a 6 year old. i was somehow granted permission to stay up later than usual to watch at least a few innings of the game. i'm not sure how long before the game the earthquake actually occurred but i remember being really upset about not getting to watch the game, and also worried that some of the players had been hurt. i obviously didn't realize the level of devastation that it caused but i was only 6.
so instead of watching the baseball game, i took a bath and went to bed. i remember sitting in the bath tub that night while my dad relayed information to me from the hallway. the only thing i can specifically remember him telling me is about the portion of the bay bridge that collapsed. i remember envisioning a school bus transporting the giants to oakland being trapped under that collapsed portion. of course, i now know that the giants were already at candlestick park and i also know that professional baseball teams are not bused around on big yellow school buses. haha!
what is the first actual current event that you remember?

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