Monday, August 17, 2009

some shows i am sad to miss

last october i went to san francisco to see buddy and ian ball (of gomez) at the red devil lounge and c. donatiello winery. it was such a fun weekend! i got to spend time with so many great friends and i saw some incredible live music. well, they're at it again only this time, i cannot be there :(
as the flyer (<---click that link to see a larger version of the flyer as well as information for booking tickets to the high ridge manor show) indicates, sara bareilles, ian ball, buddy, and holly conlan will be playing at high ridge manor and c. donatiello at the end of august. august 28th and 30th to be exact. and what might they be doing on august 29th, you ask? well, ian, buddy, and holly will be playing at the red devil lounge. if i hadn't just been in san francisco a couple of weeks ago, you can bet your ass i would be out there for these shows. it devastates me to think of all the fun that will be had out there that weekend that i won't be a part of.
also, ian ball and buddy will be playing at the hotel cafe back in l.a. on september 3rd. i also wish i could be at that one because i am long over-due for my first visit to los angeles.

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