Wednesday, September 2, 2009

creativity blocked

oh my god, i started this blog post so i could write about how i feel like i am unbelievably blocked in the creativity department, and i sat here with the page open for 15 minutes trying to think of what to say. i'm so blocked that i can't even write about it? dear god!
but seriously, i just wish i had some inspiration. i have used my slr exactly once since i got back from san francisco one month ago. i took it with me to sunday funday and only took one picture:
that's at cedar door where we went after brunch. i don't know when they added that as it's been a couple of years since i've been there, but i thought it was fun! they claim to be the "home of the mexican martini" which i don't really believe but whatever. i guess putting 3 giant olives on top of your bar shows some dedication to the claim, whether it's true or not.
back to the point: i need some motivation. i need something to do. it doesn't necessarily have to be about photography, but i just want a creative way to express myself. the problem is that i don't know what i'm trying to express.

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