Friday, September 11, 2009

randomly generated prompt

so, i'm bored. i am off work for the next 3 days. i've been so ridiculously exhausted lately that i'm trying to do some relaxing during these 3 days off. however, usually when i'm sitting at home, trying to relax, i just end up getting bored and going out for hours at a time. i think i'll leave the house in a little while to get something to eat (something i haven't done yet today) but to cure my boredom, i looked into some randomly generated blog prompts and came across this one:

Do you and your father share a special interest in any special activity?

my father and i both follow baseball (specifically the yankees) pretty closely. for me, this relationship can never be duplicated with another person. i will never have this same kind of bond with anyone else. if we're not watching a game together, i constantly get adorable text messages from my dad that say stuff like, "jorge 3-run hr to take the lead" i smile every time i get a text like that for two reasons: 1) the yankees took the lead! 2) i feel lucky to have the type of relationship with my dad that we send baseball related texts to each other a few times a week. even if we didn't connect on any other level (which we do) i would still treasure my pops just because of our baseball bond. i mean, i know that him being my father is enough to make me treasure him, but you know!

my dad and me at rangers ballpark in 2005 when the yankees were in town

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