Friday, September 11, 2009

guess who is finally getting an iphone

yes, that would be me! ugh, i've  been waiting forever for this. when the first generation came out, i was not willing to spend $500+ on a phone that i didn't know much about. then, last februray my phone totally crapped out and i got a new one (the lg shine-a total pile of shit). a few months later the 3g came out but i couldn't get it because i wasn't eligible for an upgrade. well, i'm FINALLY eligible for an upgrade on monday so the 3gs will be mine! of course, i could have bought one sooner but it wouldn't have been at the cheaper price. i'm stubborn and refuse to pay more for something when i know i can get it cheaper! it has taken a lot of patience, which i don't normally have so i'm kind of proud of myself.

i've already started thinking about what apps i need/want. i don't want to be one of those people that has like 100 apps on their phone so i'm going to try to practice some restraint. luckily i don't really give a shit about having games on my phone. here's what i have thought of so far:

bank of america
flickr at bat
shazam (i have this on my current phone and i loooove it so much!)
toy camera
wikipedia mobile (i love looking things up on wiki at a moment's notice!)

now i just have to occupy my mind until monday, when i can go buy the damn phone!


Jenn said...

Don't forget:
KXAN (if you want
myWireless (AT&T App)
Emoji icons (one of my favorite useless apps)

I'm that girl who has a million and one apps, but I don't give a damn! They get me through those moments of boredom throughout the day...

When you get your iPhone, your life will NEVER be the same! Enjoy!

stefanie said...

i follow kxan on twitter so i'm probably good without their app. but i do need twitpic and google! thanks!

stefanie said...

i wish there was a good imdb app!

Jenn said...

The google app I have even has voice activation shit, like you say "brooklyn heights austin texas" and it *will pull up the info in google.

*sometimes when you say "whatever you're looking for" will pull up some random ass shit, but it works most of the time.

Or, you can just type it in the "old fashioned" way.

Oh, IMDB would be a good APP, although you can always use Safari to go to the site and then bookmark it on your homescreen. I have a bunch of stuff like that - mostly blogs and such.

stefanie said...

yeah, i figured i would just have to access imdb with safari but i don't understand why there isn't an app! i thought there was an app for EVERYTHING?!