Monday, October 26, 2009

an addiction i haven't even bothered to fight

it's time for me to be honest with you about something, dear reader. i am hopelessly addicted to line up. what is line up, you ask? i think it's best if i let the pictures do the talking.

i somehow stumbled upon this free app one day a few weeks ago and it's been a downward spiral ever since. i play it in bed when i should be sleeping, i play it during my lunch break at work, i even play it during crucial baseball games! this has got to stop. but i don't know if i really want it to stop. i played it on and off during a couple of the alcs games and i think it helped ~calm my nerves~ or whatever. oh i don't know, that's probably just some excuse that i'm making. kind of like saying, "i can quit anytime!"

let this be a warning to you all: do not download line up. i know the fact that it's free is mighty intriguing (at least i hope i'm not the only one intrigued by free apps) but it's not worth the time investment that you'll end up making. trust me.

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Centrechick said...

oh dear god, I know what you mean! I could lose HOURS playing this game!