Monday, October 26, 2009

a week in pictures

in case you haven't noticed it on the side of this here blog, i am taking a photograph a day for a year. anyway, i was just reading back in my blog from several months ago and i came across the post where i first mentioned this project. i had apparently toyed with the idea of posting the week's pictures every sunday. what a fun idea! i don't really know why i didn't do it and to be honest, i don't even remember having that thought. but it's not too late and i believe i will start doing that now. so here are my pictures from 10/18-24:

nels and his critter sized broom

a beautiful day captured nicely by my toy camera app

aaaand a rainy day

i seriously don't have a clue!

nels being the cutest baby ever

the vivo patio kitty

rachel and david after thrill the world in all their creepy zombie make up

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