Friday, October 23, 2009

Testing a blog app

Is this thing on? I'm testing an app that will allow me to blog from my iPhone. Fun!! And I can post pics directly from the phone as well. Thanks, Jenn!

-- Posted from my iPhone


Jenn said...

Are you using BlogPress Lite? I don't know if there's others out there, but that's the one I have. It's not very practical since I'm long winded in most of my blogs, but it will be awesome to have while I'm in Vegas next weekend!

I love it when I find awesome Apps. I deleted about 40 or so (seriously) last weekend, so now I'm on the hunt for Apps I'll actually use!

I'm still holding out for a picnik app.

Stefanie said...

I bought the regular version of Blog Press. I've been looking for a good blog app since I got this damn phone! I am pretty anal about keeping my app number low, I don't want to have bajillions of them. Mostly I just have photo apps haha!