Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild margaritas are

my margarita partner in crime, bonnie, came up to austin yesterday afternoon for a little date at vivo and the drafthouse. we split some nachos, had some margaritas, and saw where the wild things are. oh, there may have been mimosas at the movie as well. it was a great time. it was really nice to sit and catch up, it's been a couple of months since bonnie has been to austin. have i ever told you guys about the margaritas at vivo? they are so delicious! i always get the mango strawberry with no salt. they use real fruit instead of the nasty flavored syrups that so many other places use. it's not unusual to suck a chunk of mango up your straw while enjoying one of these bad boys. mmm!

the movie was beautifully made. obviously, there wasn't much of a storyline to follow because the book is only 10 sentences long. i did cry a couple of times and i'm not ashamed of that. bonnie and i both heard the guys sitting next to us sniffling. everyone i know who has seen it cried so i was expecting the worst. i guess i managed to hold most of it in until the end. it's not one of those movies that's just sad for the sake of being sad though. there is a lot of beauty and happiness as well. i recommend it to just about anyone!

now i'll leave you with a photo of one of my beautifully delicious margaritas.

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