Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i didn't forget!

i've just been super busy today!


SupahMommy said...

wait one darn second

i commented

do you have moderate on?
grrr.. i see..

isaid.. never fear SUPAH'S HERE! LATE BUT HERE..
you are mY LAST READ.

and i love that you swear

xoxo supah

stefanie said...

i don't moderate this shit. i think you have to enter a captchacaca thingie but that's it. i could probably do away with that too. blogger was just hangry for your comment. hungry+angry=hangry. my favorite word.

Amber said...

I know! I really don't like facebooks new news feed thingy. SOOOOOOO annoying!

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Facebook wasn't broke.....so I have NO CLUE why the keep trying to FIX IT!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr......and this fix is the worst so far!!!

Dana said...

Haha I like that it sounds like you were writing in the weather's yearbook.

stefanie said...

haha yeah, that one is probably my favorite!