Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tale of a trapezius muscle

i briefly mentioned this on sunday evening but i'm going to share some details now. i figured out that the pain is coming from my trapezius muscle. i spent all of sunday in bed (watching gilmore girls season 5, btw). i debated going to the emergency room or something but i just didn't have it in me to sit in a waiting room for hours.

on monday morning i woke up and called my doctor's office. luckily i was off work so i was available to go in whenever they could see me. my own doctor was out of the office but they scheduled me with another guy at 1:45. he prescribed an anti-inflammatory/pain killer and a muscle relaxer and said to take them for a couple of days then let him know how i'm feeling. if i'm not better in a few days they're going to do x-rays and possibly an MRI, then see about starting physical therapy.

those measures seem extreme for what i thought was a little pulled muscle but it seems that i might have underestimated this injury. to make matters worse, i have had some problems with damage to my occipital nerves and i think this injury is exacerbating the pain caused from that damage. i am a mess right now.

i went to work at 8:00 this morning and on my way there i planned to stay for my full shift until 4:00. about 2 hours in i knew i wouldn't last that long. i left around 12:45. i feel okay when i can take the muscle relaxer but i can't really take them at work. so now i'm in bed (watching more gilmore girls) trying to relax. i'm going to visit some friends and their new baby tonight so let's hope i feel a little better by this evening.

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