Monday, November 9, 2009

wrong address or how i learned of a woman in philadelphia who is a giant moron

earlier this afternoon i received an email that reminded me of a woman in philadelphia who seems to think that my email address is her email address. randomly for the past couple of years i have been receiving emails that are obviously not intended for me.

the first ones were from an organization called kencrest. apparently this woman serves on some board at kencrest and provided my email address as a means to communicate with her. after many emails back to them to REMOVE MY EMAIL FROM THEIR RECORDS they finally stopped sending them.

then i started getting emails about my order from yankee candle. that's cool and all but i never ordered any candles from them. i like the yankee candle company but i can just go down to my local yankee candle dealer and buy some if i really want them. i think this woman in philadelphia could do that too. i still receive emails from yankee candle about special offers and whatnot despite trying to remove my email address from their mailing list numerous times.

today's email came from and reads as follows:

Hello Stefanie,

I just came across your contact information on my desk, and realized I never heard back from you after my last email.  Should I assume you have made other arrangements?

If you'd like to reschedule your party, I'm happy to look at future dates with you.  This Thursday, 11/12 and Friday, 11/13 are no longer available.  The following week is open both Thursday and Friday if you're interested.

In order to secure the space, you'll need to confirm with me, as well as leave a credit card number to reserve your spot.

I hope to hear from you, and either way, have a great birthday!

yeahhh, my credit card number...sure. if i hadn't had these other run-ins with accidental emails from philadelphia i would think this was some sort of scam. but i'm pretty sure they're just trying to reach this woman who apparently DOES NOT KNOW HER OWN EMAIL ADDRESS. and for all i know, her "last email" was sent to me as well which is why she never heard back. i don't remember reading one but i delete things pretty quickly when they don't look familiar. i happened to read that email today because it came in while i was in the waiting room at the doctor's office and was bored out of my mind. 

so know your email address. how fucking hard can it be? i know mine, quite well, in fact. ughhhhh i'm so sick of this! 

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